Pockets for the knives

After completing a test piece, it was time to route out all the pockets for the knives. 19 knives in total, with the pockets to be routed in a beautiful piece of 7/8″ thick tiger maple. A little nerve wracking to say the least!

Here are some progress pictures. The Eagle head of the pocket was routed first as that was the deepest pocket.


Next the main body of the knives were routed out.


I then removed the 1/4 plywood template from the back of the maple. That in itself was a struggle, it’s amazing how strong double sided carpet tape is! Using a 1″ forstener bit I drilled semi circles above the template of each knife. This was to be the guide to route out a small finger pocket. I then clamped the plywood to the front of the maple and using a plunge router with a core bit and collar cut out the finger pockets.


Here is a detail shot of one of the knife pockets.


Finally here is a shot of the tiger maple board complete with all the knives. I was pleasantly surprised when each knife dropped neatly in it’s designated pocket 🙂


The next step will be to make the frame of the case. I plan on using African Mahogany with half blind dovetail joints inlaid with maple.