Knife Display Case

I have received a commission to build a display case for a set of knives. The knives are a Harley Davidson collection and there are a total of 19 knives. They have been sitting in a closet for a number of years and the lady who commissioned me wants to give her husband a case to display them in for their anniversary.

After consultation we decided to build the case out of Tiger Maple and African Mahogany. The background will be maple with the frame of the case made from mahogany. I felt the Tiger Maple was a good choice, the light color would make the knives stand out. It also has some nice figure, but not enough to over power the focus of the display, namely the knives. The room the knives will be displayed in has some mahogany furniture, so using mahogany for the frame was a natural choice and it will contrast nicely with the maple.

After looking at a number of different ways to lay the knives out we decided on a grid of five columns and four rows. As there are nineteen knives the knife in the lower right corner will be displayed in the open position. Each cell is 4″ x 5″. The final dimension of the case will be around 16″ x 30″.

Open knife bottom right

I managed to pick up some nice boards from Chipmunk Hardwoods in Edgewater.


Here are a couple more close up shots showing the knives. It is quite a collection!




Now back to the shop to make some sawdust. This is going to be a fun project!