Making a Tool Handle – Part Three

To read Part One click here To read Part Two click here If you are interested in buying one of these tools they can be purchased at Woodchuck Lathe Tools I got a chance to turn the handles today. I mounted the blank between centers, locating a 60 degree live center in the channel opening at the headstock. After turning it round, I turned a tenon at the headstock side, sized to accept a brass coupler. I used a 1″ brass coupler cut in half. The coupler was originally just shy of 2″ long. I also marked the high points and low points of the handle and using a parting tool cut down to the final diameter of the handle at those points.

Making a Tool Handle

You can click on any of the images to see a larger version. Here is a shot of the handle, sanded and ready to be parted off.

Making a Tool Handle

I used 5 minute epoxy to secure the tools in the handle and to secure the brass coupler on the tenon. I finished the handles with a couple of coats of spray shellac. While not as hard wearing as some other finishes I like the feel of shellac. It is also not as shiny as some other finishes, which is fine by me for a tool handle. Lastly shellac is very repairable, any future coats will melt into previous coats.

Making a Tool Handle

I’m looking forward to trying out the tools tomorrow and giving a review of them.

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